Northstar Digital Literacy

Build your computer skills and empower your confidence to master the digital skills needed to work, learn, and participate fully in daily life.

LAUNCH: Northstar Digital Literacy - Learner

Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment

Anyone can take an assessment for free. Complete an assessment to receive a results page showing what skills you've mastered and what skills need improvement. Assessments are available for 14 topics.

  • Essential Computer Skills: Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email, Windows 10, and Mac OS
  • Essential Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Docs
  • Using Technology in Daily Life: Social Media, Information Literacy, Supporting K-12 Distance Learning, Career Search Skills, and Your Digital Footprint

Northstar Online Learning | Self-Directed Study

Ready to improve your skills? Northstar Online Learning offers free self-paced courses for learning and improving your skills. Courses are available for 4 topics:

  • Essential Computer Skills: Basic Computer, Internet Basics, Using Email, Windows
  • Essential Software: Microsoft Word
  • Using Technology in Daily Life: Career Search Skills
  • Coming Soon: Excel and Social Media